Chicken is one dish you can use either ace or destroy; it can also get boring soon. It can be incredibly dull in healthy recipes if it gets tasteless and rubbery. However, if you’re cooking it right, you’re providing a treat to your taste buds by avoiding the mistakes mentioned in this article.

If you want to prepare the best chicken dish of your life, read the mistakes to avoid while cooking it!

Not finishing it off in the oven.

One of the people’s significant blunders while finishing a chicken is skipping the oven part. The secret to preventing your chicken from being overdone and rubbery is to first fry it in a pan with oil or butter and transfer it to an oven at a lower temperature. Doing so will keep the chicken at the right temperature while making the outer layer juicy and delicious.

Using the right tool

Aluminum foil is one of the most underrated tools for keeping the chicken moist and juicy. Try to cover your chicken in aluminum foil and place a heavy object on top. The extra weight of the brick will help spread evenly to deliver a juicy, delicious bird.

Need to marinate it correctly.

If you’re grilling your chicken, one of the best ways to make the juices penetrate the indices is by stabbing the meat with a fork and letting the marinade seep in. An excellent marinade mix can include lemon pepper, zest, paprika, honey, olive oil, and cayenne.

Over grilling the meat

A juicy, tender interior with a charred exterior best describes a well-done chicken. If there is no juice cutting the chicken, it is probably overcooked. To avoid this, let the meat sit for a couple of minutes before slicing.


Using the same cutting board

Using two different cutting boards for cutting meat and veggies is essential. This will allow the veggies to have their flavor without picking up on the flavor of the meat. Hot water and soap are the best ways to clean a cutting board.

Purchasing the wrong type of chicken

If you opt for frozen or factory-farmed chicken, you can expect to eat a dry dish without much flavor. In contrast, locally produced or organic chicken is the best option, which helps retain its flavor and moisture.

Not patting chicken before cooking.

If you wash your chicken, it is best to pat dry it before using it for cooking. Retaining moisture on the outer layers will prevent it from forming a crisp brown exterior, which most meat lovers generally prefer.

Forgetting to Brine

Since you wish to make a well-cooked chicken, you often must remember to brine it. Next, you should soak your chicken with species and flavors in a pot. Kosher salt, pepper, sugar, and water are the best options.


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