Baking makes anyone happy. The correct measurement cup is the key to success in baking. Do you know what else spices up the best-baked product? The spice.

Every baker needs the right amount of fresh spices to add that extra zest. So here we provide a list of spices you should own to bake.

Vanilla Beans

Everything starts with plain vanilla. But the vanilla shouldn’t be as plain as the store-bought flavor food essence. If you have used the bean before, you would know the difference the popped vanilla bean seeds provide to cooking. Since baking is half about the aroma, make sure to stuff this aromatic bean among your goods.

Vanilla Beans


Mace is a close cousin to nutmeg. It is a savory spice that can add that zing to your cakes. You can make red wine compote or apple bread, which will taste amazing with a spicy touch. Additionally, it packs health benefits such as aiding digestion and slowing down aging.


Just like vanilla, cardamom also befriends the baked good when it is in the bean form. This spice is the secret behind the famous Scandinavian sweet bread. It also comes in two different colors packed with different flavors. Use each for sweet and smoky dishes, and you will thank us later for the tip.

Chile pepper

What makes up for the comfort food? It is a flavorful pepper. You can add it to making chicken casseroles or crisp shrimp cakes. It is that staple spice you need everywhere. You can add it to every other baked good, even in chocolates. Well, who doesn’t like mouth-popping chocolates, huh?!


This exotic new spice has its roots in Roman and Greek culture. It packs health benefits and vibrant colors. The deep red color of the spice makes it a star. You can add it instead of food color as it is a soft spice that won’t interfere with other ingredients. You can replace it with lemon or vinegar for the citrus taste. Also, you can’t rely on paprika to color a sweet dish.


The second most used baking spice award goes to cinnamon. It is the apple of the eye of the apple pie. However, our star spice doesn’t spice up the pie alone. You can use it as a secret ingredient in chocolate cake, and you will surely appreciate the taste. Also, it abodes more than a handful of health benefits.

Candied Ginger

Ground ginger is an all-rounder spice, but candied ginger is the cutie pie we need in our baking essentials. Add the spice to ginger snaps and ginger shortbread, or top it on cakes and brownies. This appealing spice will soothe your throat as well as your tummy.

Star anise and others

A group of spice mixes from India called garam masala is a staple spice mix in Indian cooking. Borrow it and spice your food too. For example, you can add star anise to cakes and syrups. Also, you can ground this spice or the other spices of the group and season your baked meat. Now, get adventurous and season up as you go!


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