Dry fruits are a nutritious substitute for high-calorie meals since they include protein, minerals, enzymes, and complex carbohydrates. A nutritious food that contains dry fruits like figs, hazelnuts, pecans, and others is advised by health professionals.

Cashew nuts

Cashew nuts

Cashew nuts are sold for $8.95 a pound, which is towards the upper end of the pricing range. Nuts are a wonderful source of iron, potassium, phosphate, magnesium, and other essential minerals. Cashew plants only thrive in dry and sandy loam soils, which limits their growth prospects and drives up the cost of these plants. Additionally, the pre-processing step is time-consuming and decreases the mass of the final result.  For instance, after the treatment, a cashew nut that weighed 4-6 grams will only measure 1.5-3 grams.


Chestnut retail at $10.99. America only grows 1% of the world’s chestnuts and imports the remainder. However, this wasn’t always the situation. By 1900, each American household had access to chestnut trees, but in 1904, an Asian chestnut tree infected with fungi that were installed in the Bronx Zoo slowly wiped off the stock of American chestnut trees. The five major chestnut-producing countries at the moment are China, South Korea, Turkey, Bolivia, and Italy. The five most important chestnut-producing US states are California, Virginia, Michigan, Florida, and Oregon.



Slivered almonds cost $13.99 a pound, but the price of other types varies according to the brand. Almond trees flourish in rich soil and a temperate environment. On an almond plant, almonds might start to develop after six years. Certain varieties, however, might take up to twelve years to achieve their optimum levels of production.

Pine nuts

Pine nuts are quite costly in the raw state, which begs the question of why. Only eighteen pine trees on the earth yield pines that can be harvested. Furthermore, it requires the trees six to eight years to mature and an extra two to three years for them to produce new pine. They must be time-consumingly prepared for the marketplace, which raises the price.

Macadamia nuts

If a nut sells for $25 and people continue to purchase it, it has to be a beloved treat. The most costly nut on the planet is the macadamia nut, although there are compelling grounds for this. They have the greatest calorie count of any nuts, with 100 grams providing 718 calories. While there are ten different species of macadamia plants, exactly two of them produce high-quality macadamia nuts, which also goes through a few additional explanations for the expense. Then, it requires the plants between seven and ten years to begin fruiting, and it requires 4-6 months for the branches to blossom, so the nuts develop at various periods during the year.


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