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McCormick Mint Leaves - 4 oz. Jar (#32323)
  • McCormick Mint Leaves - 4 oz. Jar (#32323)
McCormick Mint Leaves - 4 oz. Jar (#32323) - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

4 OZ Jars or Case of 6 Jars.

McCormick Mint Leaves have an aromatic, sweet flavor with a cool aftertaste. Spearmint is the most widely used mint and is the preferred type for most dishes. Mint Leaves may be used in punches, tea, sauces for desserts, sauces for lamb, mint jelly, syrups, fruit compotes, fruit soups, split pea soup, devil's food cake, frostings, ice cream and sherbet, chocolate desserts, custards, candies, hot chocolate, vegetables, lamb stew, and lamb roast. They can also be used as a garnish. Mint is the classic seasoning for lamb dishes and also has an affinity for cucumbers and yogurt. Mint does NOT blend well with garlic.

Ingredients: Mint Leaves.

Nutritional Information: This product has no significant nutritional value.