Buying any product online requires good knowledge. Since we don’t get to touch and sense the product in person, we need guidance.

Here we give some helpful tips for buying dry fruits online.

How to buy candied ginger

It is relatively easy to buy candied ginger. Ginger is sweetened and preserved in sugar syrup. It is true that we still don’t know if ginger is a fruit or a vegetable. But candied ginger is sweeter than any dry fruit, and its benefits are sweeter.

How to buy vanilla beans

Although it is a bean, vanilla comes from the fruit-bearing plant Vanilla planifolia. Since it is expensive, it is a must to pre-plan the amount to buy. Once opened, you must plan to use the entire bean. Aim to choose plump beans. These will be fresh and malleable.

How to buy raisins

We get raisins from grapes. It is relatively easy to buy raisins. They are commonly available, and most online stores supply good raisins. Look for sun-dried or machine-dried products in the description available. Some sellers dry raisins in a sulfur chamber to make raisins yellow. Ask if you are specific about not being exposed to sulfur or such chemicals.

How to buy dates

It is economical to buy dates in bulk. Since they come from Arab countries, with the additional charges, they cost a bit more than necessary. Look for the color of the dates when you buy. The stores grade dates and sell at different prices. Typically good dates have a shelf life. Their freshness can extend up to a couple of years. When you buy, check if it doesn’t extend that timeline.

How to buy dried apricots

Apricots are available in the online market in different sizes and shapes. Also, there are varying prices too. Generally, the stores ask you to buy the costlier ones with the pretension of being the best product. Check for product information. They must contain no added sugar and be a Non-GMO and gluten-free product. Apricots can last longer without preservatives, and check for sulfur-free products if you are sensitive to this information.

How to buy sour cherries

Sweet cherries are common as fresh fruits. They pack the same benefits even when dried. When buying them, check if you are indeed buying sour cherries only. Some products might be named “sweet” and “tart,” but they are not the ones often. To help, look for Montmorency cherry. It is the most common type of sour cherry. Also, dried cherries cost lesser than fresh ones.

sour cherries

How to buy figs

Figs have a lesser shelf life. So it is essential to buy from a trusted store. Dried figs in the U.S. are available as Class A or B fruits. Remember to check and evaluate at your own risk.

How to buy cranberry

Cranberry is native to North America. So Americans can sigh in relief considering the price and product quality when buying online. But most cranberries are imported from Canada. This swap occurs because the fruits native to North America are prone to pests, and the cold climate of Canada limits pests. The price range may vary because of this regional difference.

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